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Various areas of ministry exist in which we seek to glorify GOD and enjoy Him

These are intended to feed people the Truth about Jesus and our relationship with Him as revealed in the Scriptures, the Bible.  We cater to familieschildren, youth, ladiesmenseniors, and worship. Use the links in the pull down menu to explore more:

Life Groups are small groups of 5-14 people who meet together in somebody’s home. It’s an opportunity to meet people and find a safe place that offers various levels of support to each other. It’s where people do life together.

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Connecting with God:


Who is God?

What is Faith?

How do I become a Christian?

Give me a call: +1 705-770-7897  I’d like to tell you… Everyone come to faith in Christ in an individual and personal way.  I don’t want to put steps down and say 1 ,2 , 3 and now you’re a Christian when you may not be.  Becomeing a Christian is something you will realise once you have heard the Word of God.  That’s where I come in… I would like to share the Word of God with you.  It’s not a complex or difficult idea to follow,  but it is relational and personal.

Becoming a Christian is the beginning of the greatest and most wonderful adventure you could ever want.

If you don’t want to call me you can text or email me.  Use this contact link below: a Christian

How to Be a child of God

How to Exchange Your Life for a New One

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