Ministry Leader’s Forum

Fair Havens Community Church

Structure and Purpose for Ministry Leaders Forum 

Purpose of the Forum

  1. To foster effective communication between all branches of the spiritual and social ministry of Fair Havens Community Church.
  2. To develop a definitive sense of unity amongst all those who carry responsibility for directing ministry activities.
  3. To assist the church leadership in identifying critical needs and direction for ministry departments and activities.
  4. To build confidence and trust between the church leadership and the ministry team and the membership at large.
  5. To allow a broader spectrum of individuals to have input into the leadership direction and allocation of resources within in the church community.

Structure of the Forum

The forum shall be comprised of the following church officers and workers.

  1. The Board of Elders and Deacons

    The Chairman of the Elder Board shall be the chairman of this forum.

  1. The Pastor and any assistant pastors

  1. The Following Department Heads or representatives of:
    1. AWANA Commander
    2. Ladies Ministry Director
    3. Sunday School Superintendents
    4. Youth Director
    5. Men’s Ministry Director
    6. Nursery Worker
    7. DVBS Director
    8. Kid’s Church Director
    9. Worship Team Leader
    10. Pianist or Organist
    11. Usher Captain
    12. Teller Captain or Banker
    13. Church Secretary
    14. Building Custodian
    15. Representative from supported missionaries.
    16. Up to three other former elders or deacons.
    17. One or two Home Bible Study teachers

Frequency of Meetings

The forum shall meet at the call of the chair, but shall be at least once in every quarter of the year.

Structure of Meetings

The Chairman of the Forum shall chair all meetings of the forum, and shall designate one of the members of the forum to record minutes. In the absence of the Chairman of the Elders Board, the Vice Chairman shall act as chairman. In the absence of both of these officers, the Pastor shall act as chairman.

Each participant shall be given the opportunity to make a report to the forum on the operations of their department. To ensure that appropriate time is given to each                department, there shall be a rotation of participants reporting so that while all the participants may not be able to report at every meeting, each department shall be given appropriate time at two meetings each year. Some flexibility is necessary here, and the designation of time devoted to each department, and when, shall be at the discretion of the chair.

Each departmental report should give a conclusive summary of it objectives, how it is accomplishing them, the number of participants involved, special needs that may be prevalent, and budget requirements for the continuing activities. 

As well as department leaders giving reports, the Board of Elders will also have the opportunity to share special direction, plans, focus and needs with the Ministry Leaders Conference. The chair may designate another elder, other than himself to share these matters, and participants are welcomed to contribute to the discussion around these matters.

Participants in these meetings are welcomed to actively participate in all discussion. Hopefully, many suggestions and conclusions will be made concerning all activities of the church family. 

While many matters will undoubtedly be discussed, some with very obvious and strong conclusions, recommendations from this forum will be further discussed and final decisions made as the Board of Elders considers such recommendations in light of overall church policy, practice and consideration for the overall welfare of the church community.