Short-Term Mission’s Policy


For Short Term Ministry & Student Support

The Fair Havens Community Church

December 15th, 2015

This policy will cover the short-term ministries of people who go out for a minimum of six weeks in missionary experience.

  1. The Missionary Organization people choose to serve outside of FHCC should have affiliation with “Missio Nexus”
  2. Candidates for short-term ministry should plan for at least a six week term of ministry in order to be eligible for support from this church. In certain special circumstances as determined by the Missions Committee, shorter terms may be considered where a mission organization can motivate with FHCC Missions Committee their desire to have the candidate for a shorter term.

  1. The maximum amount of support for such projects will be one quarter share of our giving. If there is little travel expense involved, the committee may feel it necessary to reduce such an amount.

  1. Each student must apply to the church first for support by writing a letter of intent addressed to the Chair of the Missions Committee, well in advance of their time of departure for such missionary involvement.

  1. When our church authorizes their going and gives such financial support, the candidate must not elicit further funds from within the congregation. The only other people who may be contacted from within the church are family members. This does not prevent individuals from the congregation to volunteer their support to the candidate.

  1. When students return from their field experience they should be prepared to give a report to the church. Such reports are stimulating and encourage the congregation who support such ventures.

December 15th. 2015 Short Term Missions Policy