Use of Facillities: Policy and Forms


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Approved by FHCC Combined Board on August 21, 2007

Revised and approved by FHCC Combined Board August 21, 2014

This document provides policies and specific information related to booking and/or renting the use of the Fair Havens Community Church (FHCC or "Church") building facilities. All booking and/or rental of the Church facilities shall comply with the policies and requirements as set out in the following sections contained herein:

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  1. General Policies and Requirements……………………..2 - 4
  2. FHCC Ministry Usage……………………………………..5
  3. Fees…………………………………………………………5
  4. Wedding Ceremonies……………………………………..6
  5. Wedding Receptions……………………………………...6
  6. Personal Usage by FHCC Members/Adherents……….7 
  7. Rental to the General Public……………………………..7

Schedule 1- Church Rental Application and Agreement Form


  1. FHCC Ministry Usage Priority: 

It is a policy of FHCC that all ministry activities of FHCC are given booking priority over personal bookings of members/adherents or requests for bookings by the general public/outside groups.

  1. Processing of Booking Enquiries/Requests:

Step 1: All enquiries/requests by FHCC members/adherents regarding the booking and/or rental of the church facility shall be made through the Church office.

Step 2: Provided the requested date(s)/time(s)/room(s) are still available, the enquiry will then be forwarded the Chair of the Property Committee, in order to review the enquiry/request against this policy document.

Step 3: If, in the event the Chair of the Property Committee is of the opinion that enquiry/request will not contravene any of the policies or requirements as set out herein, then the Church office administrator will be so advised and shall proceed with the request.

Where an enquiry/request would contravene any of the policies, procedures or requirements as set out herein, then such requested booking or rental shall not be approved and the Church office administrator or the Chair of the Property Committee shall advise the enquiring person or group accordingly.

Where necessary or appropriate to deal with specific questions or concerns of an enquiry, the Chair of the Property Committee may consult with the Pastor or Chair of the Combined Board and/or with the Combined Board for advice and direction.

Enquiries/requests made by groups outside of the church, must be made in writing and the provisions of Section 7 shall also apply.

  1. One Large Event Per Weekend Only: 

Only one large event (i.e. Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception) shall be scheduled between the Friday and Saturday of any given weekend.

  1. Load:

The Chair of the Property Committee reserves the right to refuse a booking of an event or events depending on the scheduling of other Church ministry activities, the number of setups and how much routine maintenance is required or for other unforeseen reasons.

  1. Set Up and Clean Up:

It is the responsibility of the person and/or group booking and/or renting the church facility for the set up for their event and for full clean up afterwards. For any large events such as a Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception, the services of the Church Custodian shall be required. In the case where the Custodian is not available, other appropriate cleanup arrangements must be proposed and carried out.

  1. Arrangements for access to the Property

Arrangements shall be made through the Church office secretary or, in the absence of the Secretary, the Chair of the Property Committee, to obtain a key for entry into the church in advance of the booked event. The person obtaining the key is responsible for returning the key as soon as practically possible after the event.

Only FHCC members/adherents are able to obtain a key. In other situations involving rentals to the general public or outside groups, the renters must arrange access and lock up as set out in Section 7.

vi) Facility Availability:

Events and activities shall begin no sooner than 8:00 a.m. on any given day and must be finished by 11:00 p.m. on that same day. Deviations from the above times may be considered and approved by specific request to the Combined Board.

  1. Equipment/Furniture Usage: 

Use of tables and chairs and sports equipment is included in the rental: however, the renter is responsible for the setting up/taking down and putting away of all items used for their event.

Equipment/furniture such as monitors, drums, amps, microphones, cords, risers and music stands must not be moved from the Church sanctuary platform without prior permission from the Chair of the property Committee. The piano and organ is not to be moved even short distances.

  1. Audio/Visual Equipment Usage:

A Church designated technician is required in order to use the Church's sound system and/or video projection equipment. The Church office secretary shall be contacted to determine the availability of a technician.

ix) Kitchen Use: 

The kitchen is to be restored to its original clean condition after use by the renter. It is to be noted that that this is a service type kitchen only, meaning all foods with the exception of light, snacks and beverages are to be prepared elsewhere beforehand. It shall be the responsibility of the renter to bring in all of the food and drink it intends to consume. The use or consumption of any of the stocked supplies in the kitchen (i.e. paper plates, napkins, salt, pepper, sugar) shall not be permitted without prior approval from the Church Kitchen Coordinator.

  1. Prohibited Activities: 

Consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking or the use of any illegal drugs or substances is strictly prohibited anywhere in the Church facility or on Church property.

  1. Church Rental Agreement Form:

Where a fee is required for use of the church facility, and said proposed use and booking has been approved as per Section 1), the Church Rental Application and Agreement Form attached as Schedule 1 shall be completed and signed by the renter and shall be submitted to the Church office secretary prior to the event taking place.


Providing space and rooms for FHCC ministry programs is a top priority. The following information is specific to the use of the Church facility by Church members/adherents for Church related ministries and small one-time social gatherings or similar events:

  1. Who can book?

The leader of a ministry area or activity is the only person who can book rooms for ministry use. This usually means that a staff member, elder, deacon or chair or designate from a Committee, will make the booking. There is no fee associated with the booking or use of the Church for FHCC ministry activities.

  1. Small Group Social:

If a small group consisting primarily of Church members/adherents would like to have a one-time church related social gathering or similar activity, they must book and reserve a room in advance. There will be no fee associated with such usage.


The following fees shall be required for use of the Church facility and for certain services rendered. These fees shall only apply for the uses, functions or activities set out in Sections 4 to 7.

Use of Sanctuary $100.00

Use of Fellowship Hall and/or Kitchen $100.00

Janitor Service Fee (mandatory for $150.00

major events)

Audio/Visual Technician (mandatory if using the Church sound system and/or video projection equipment) $100.00

All required fee(s) must accompany the submission of the Church Rental Application and Agreement Form.


In addition to the general policies and requirements of Section 1, all of the following additional policies and requirements shall apply to the use of FHCC facilities for wedding ceremonies:

  1. Only members and regular adherents of FHCC shall he permitted to have a wedding ceremony performed within the Church facility or on the Church property.
  2. The ceremony must be performed by a licensed Pastor and the Church can be booked and used for the ceremony only after the FHCC Pastor(s) has or have approved the wedding ceremony in accordance with the Holy Bible.
  3. The appropriate set-up to accommodate the needs of the wedding party shall be done with minimal disruption to the set-up of the sanctuary equipment/furniture.
  4. Decorating within the church shall take place in the morning of the ceremony or evening during or after rehearsal. Please contact the Church office to arrange. The use of confetti or rice shall be prohibited anywhere in the Church or on the property.


In addition to the general policies and requirements of Section 1, the following additional policies and requirements shall apply to the use of FHCC facilities for wedding receptions:

  1. In order to be permitted to hold a wedding reception at FHCC, either one of the bride or bridegroom or, one of the bridal couple's parents, must be a FHCC member/regular adherent.
  2.   Patrons may use their own audio/visual equipment for making presentations.
  3. Stand alone wedding receptions shall be subject to paying applicable fees. However, no additional fees shall be charged for wedding receptions where such reception immediately follows a wedding ceremony in the Church.
  4. The Fellowship Hall may not be available for decoration the night before the reception due to other uses. Decorating plans must be made accordingly.

v)      A wedding shower can be booked for a couple getting married at FHCC. The Committee responsible for arranging wedding showers must be advised as soon as possible.


Occasionally members/adherents of FHCC would like to use the Church facilities for personal reasons or family functions such as anniversaries and birthday celebrations. This may be permitted in accordance with the following policies:

  1. Those eligible to rent the Church facilities must be either (1) the person booking is a member/adherent of FHCC or (2) someone in the immediate family of a FHCC member/adherent.
  2. The renter is responsible for set-up, takedown and cleanup. All decorations must be removed and cleaned up at the conclusion of the event and before the next day.
  3. The use of the sound room and audio/visual equipment without the services of a church technician at the event may be permitted at the discretion of, and with prior approval from, the Chair of the Worship Committee.


FHCC is not normally available for rental by the general public or outside groups. However, enquiries from the general public or outside groups or organizations may be given due consideration by the Chair of the Property Committee in accordance with the following policies:

  1. If an outside group or organization desires to rent the Church facilities, it must submit an initial request in writing describing rental needs/date(s)/time(s) and information about the nature and purpose of the group/organization. The Chair of the Property COmmittee will contact the group/organization after a review by the Combined Board and the Board has made a decision on the written request.
  2. Any and all decisions whether to grant or refuse permission to rent the Church facility to the general public or outside groups or organizations shall be at the sole discretion of the Combined Board. If the Combined Board approves the initial written request, then the applicant shall complete and submit the Church Rental Application and Agreement Form. The Church reserves the right to refuse the application following the review of the above noted form.
  3. Any permission granted by the Combined Board shall be made on the condition that at least one FHCC member/adherent will be in attendance at said event and will assume responsibility for church opening and lock-up, as well as any other terms and conditions the Board sees fit to impose upon the approval of the rental. Additional fees over and above those set out in Section 3 may also be required as part of the Combined Board approval.




PART A: (To be completed by Applicant) 

Applicant Name:      ________________________________________________

Applicant Address:  ________________________________________________

Street number,             Street name,                                         apt. number (if applicable)

_________________________________ Postal Code: ____________________

                city                                      province

Phone numbers: _______________________________

                                                  (Day Time Number)


   (Night Time Number)

Dates and Times being requested




    (Cell Phone Number)

Fax #: ______________________________

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________

Describe Purpose or Proposed Use of the rented spaces:

Insert Cost below

Please check your usage against each area listed:




Fellowship Hall






Janitorial Services (Mandatory for Major Events)



Audio/Visual Technician (Mandatory if using video or audio)



Please list any other requirements here

Total Rental Cost (Refer to fees in Section 3 of Facility Use and Rental Policy)


Cheque to cover total cost attached: (Check one)



Person Designated to pick-up key and return key


Phone Number:

If rental is to the general public or outside group, please provide the name of Church member or adherent who has agreed to obtain a key, open up the Church, attend the event, lock up the Church and then return the key:


Phone Number:

If rental is to an outside group, proof of certificate of insurance must be provided with this form. Copy of Certificate of Insurance attached:



The undersigned below has reviewed the Fair Havens Community Church Facility Use and Rental Policy and agrees to the policies and requirements as set out herein. Furthermore, the undersigned will assume and pay for any and all costs or damages to the Church property, building or facilities that may occur during the defined event above.

Name (please print): _______________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________

PART B: (To be completed by the Church)

This request/application has been reviewed by the Pastor or, in his absence, the Chair of the Combined Board or Chair of the Property Committee and the application is:

APPROVED: _______   or REFUSED: _______ (check one)

Signature of one of the above persons.                                       _ Date:                       .